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    A country been inspiring me all through when the phenomenon of real development is talked about. This country has been facing some tough time as far as natural calamity and nature’s fury is concerned. Being situated in the most sensitive part of Earth, Japan is always on the verge of Earthquakes and serious disturbances in sea water along it. It causes a huge loss of property and lives everytime the quake comes in. But Japan’s ability to move further on makes this country much more unique and honoured. Everytime the atrocity such as quake and floods grips Japan, It overcomes through determination and with ‘never say die attitude’ and manages well in time. This is the reason why this country inspires me lot.

    The recent natural disturbance that shook the territory of Japan is flood, Flood about half of months ago affected the entire normalcy and also proved to be a nightmare for both property and lives in turn. But due to proper and effective disaster planning management in place, the Japanese took over easily and the life brought back on track. To avoid any huge casualities there is a need to implant effective disaster management.
    Down from the second world war ever since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan was in great turmoil and there were very less option left with them to get out of this unprecedented tragedy. But Japan did well in carrying out rehabilitation procedure and somehow it is through the sack of their hard earned dedication all through since 1945 that has earned Japan “the most advanced and sophisticated country” title today.

    Be it software industry, electronics equipment, science and technology, space exploration, fiscal deficit etc. , Japan has everything in well managed state and whenever there is a disturbance they have the stronger disaster strategies. Not only Japanese are well known to tackle the atrocities but they ensure of not having such losses again in the future ahead. Why India not making any such arrangements of learning tricks from Japan in terms of facing calamities both natural and caused due to human technical failures. India always on the verge of several natural calamities and there is a need to look beyond for solution so that the properties and lives be saved well in time.

    Japan always gives due to its citizens and Japanese always makes every effort to look after their fellow beings, this in turn strengthen their mutual co-ordination and understanding among each others.

    Japan is everything to give in every sphere and India must join hand with this inspirational country to get more and more. India has been benefited by Metro in Delhi and it could have not been possible without Japan’s intervention. I am very much fascinated by this project and hoping that soon it will be implemented to other parts of India as well.

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