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    The recent attacks on north- indians were somehow politically motivated by MNS in Mumbai. The pullers,street-hawkers, rickshaw-driver were molested and beaten up badly for the reason that they were earning their livelihood in Mumbai. Political parties just to ensure their vote bank beating people who migrated from different states in search of employment.The women were raped and were abandoned to perform the traditional rituals such as chaath puja the festival celebrated by women in Bihar.

    Four north-Indians have also been brutally murdered some months ago and investigation followed this traced the major political parties behind this offence.The people killed were the native of Bihar who belonged to weaker sections of the society and came to earn money. No further enquiry proceeded after that because of political influence.The responsible being the MNS and Shiv-Sena, they have been involved in such a barbaric act. However,The Indian constitution reserves the right of equality among the countrymen and with that give rights to roam through the country in search of livelihood where they wish.But these values have no significance for these politicians as they are only limited to their vote banks.

    Similar attacks have also been in limelight in Assam where Hindi-speakers tortured and manhandled badly.If these continue to remain it will be a serious threat to the integrity of our multifaceted, multi-society, multi- religious India.

    The government and the great minds have to put great efforts to maintain law and order and ensure the validity of the constitution therefore.Because its only through your efforts which can nullify the cheap mentality of these immoral politicians. This topic has lots to say but it only depends on your remarks.The officials must come up strongly and harshly at these politician who are the real danger for the strong Indian brotherhood creating divisions among the people on the basis of regional standards.

    If Mumbai is for the Maharashtra ,Assam is for the Assemese, Banglore for the South….Where is India for the Indians???This question is to all the scholars reading this article .We have to find an answer to this
    question as it will testify the patriotism of the individual concerned.

    I first love my India and then state follows next…..Thinking same???

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