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    US led ‘NATO’ engaged in a decade long battle with terror outfits such as Taliban and Alqueda and still the main stone yet to crack in this fight. Though, Osama had been killed but as of now the war is still half done, Bush soon after the sep 9/11 attack pledged to vanish entire ‘Taliban’ proceedings but it is almost 12 years since the war opened and nothing concrete been fetched. Taliban is not my area of debate today but a new and current conflict between Iran, USA and Israel over the nuclear enhancements need to be overlooked.

    A decade long tension getting more provoked now and again US making entry to it. Iran is being convicted of discovering weapons of mass destructions and United States taking a tough stand, as US fears that these weapons possibly be used against them and it could be used to destroy the peaceful environment of the world. For what Iraq was attacked was the weapons of mass destruction but America could not prove its claim and getting hold over the oil wells is all sufficient to know the intention behind it. It is suspicious that America is really mean to restore peace in the world but the past instances doesn’t go in their way. America had kept saying that Iran is discovering nuclear weapons without any such good proof and I tell you that America not making this claim for the sake of world peace and there is some foul play. As far as Iran is concerned, It is an Islamic country with Islamists approach and Jehadi mentality and might be possible that if nuclear weapons be recovered by them it will be deterioting. Iran is also prone to anti-US activities and somehow Iran can make foul intention against US as well.

    There is a need to have a deeper investigating sense and to look the whole scenario between these two countries. Iran is having a large reservoir of oil wells and Iran is credited in maintaining the fuel demand. The world cannot afford the next world war anymore.


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